The Kingdom of the Glimmering Necromancer

The Kingdom of the Glimmering Necromancer is a peaceful place. The country derives it’s name from the first king, who instituted the idea of using the undead as a workforce. To many this is seen as distasteful, however it has proved to be extremely efficient. Non-sentient undead do menial labor, sentient undead are welcomed into the kingdom as any other citizen.

The kingdom has been ruled by the same family since its creation. The nobility are quite assorted and kept in check by the king and his personal peacekeepers. Despite the age pf the kingdom there are still those who disapprove of reanimating the dead for labor, and are allowed to opt out if they so choose.

They maintain and uneasy alliance with Brevalia against Land of Arrow Rain in a war defending both lands from the conquest. Brevalia’s laws prohibit the undead from entering their border, and tension on the front line is fierce, but differences are put asside in the name of defense of the two nations.

Their military consists of primarily arcane casters, warmages and the like.

The Kingdom of the Glimmering Necromancer

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