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The world you live in is supposedly perfect, The gods are at peace, the tarrasque is suppressed, war is rare and people are well protected.

There are three continents Illustan, Uxthos, and Alscley. Each is quite different from the others, in technology, magic, and culture. Though we will for the most part be in Illustan as it is at least kind of fleshed out.

Though things do appear perfect in this world there is certainly something amiss and you are somehow involved, be it a direct relationship, or something more obscure.


more specific info here: characters

Each character I expect to be unique, full back story is not needed but a decent idea of who they are, how they behave, and why they care about the campaign should be known.

Regarding stats I will state here ( and likely elsewhere) that I would prefer no severe “dump stats” without good reason, and “I needed the 4 points so i could get 18 base” isn’t gonna work, if thats what you need I expect your character to act it.

Low strength, dex, and con just happen, you can’t carry much, you fall over or get hit, get ill often, can’t take a beating etc.
but int, wis, and cha I expect good acting. Low int means the character can’t think of elaborate or abstract things well, wis is bad judgement, insanity, or lack of common sense, charisma is likely shyness, being unlikable, awkward, isolated, socially inept, self conscious, or just disgusting.

Pass the character off before making it official.

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