A large continent to the far north, with 8 territories. Each has a military ready. While their neighbors may appear peaceful trust is not necessarily safe just because the world has been peaceful for so long.

The Territories are
The Kingdom of the Glimmering Necromancer
The Arch-Angel’s Blessing
The Land of the Unseen
Besmaran Lands
Realm of The Gun
The Republic of Crossroads
Land of Arrow Rain
(I am aware of the generic names, just read the other continents, they have “names” instead of titles, this fits with what follows)

Each territory is ruled by some political body and each military has a specialty, with the exception of one, and in most cases, is the origin of the name of the country. The leaders of each military is very powerful, and acts as a deterrent to war, one of the many reasons peace has lasted as long as it has.

(A real world comparison is quite difficult, when was there an isolated area, with territories separated and named for the military, that didn’t have constant wars….?)


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