Brevalia is a military dictatorship of the unusual type. Despite the fact that a leader of Brevalia could easily become a tyrant and rule the country with an iron-fist this has never happened. The ruler is determine by the Council of Seven, a group dedicated to the purification of the nation and in ensuring wise decisions of their leader. They possess a ritual to determine if a subject is pure of heart and worthy of serving as the leader of Brevalia. While they possess great political power they have never used it and have instead remained reserved, except when a new rule is required.

Within the borders of the nation using necromancy magic that can reanimated a creature as undead or possess a target is illegal with the minimum punishment for being found guilty 10 years in prison. Their is a special order of paladins entirely dedicated to the rooting out and destruction of any evil practitioners within their border. As one may assume this creates quite a lot of tension with their southern neighbors, considering their specialty. Despite this they maintain their uneasy alliance with The Kingdom of the Glimmering Necromancer in order to fend off the conquest obsessed Land of Arrow Rain.

Despite the strictness regarding necromancy the nation is quite free spirited overall, having produced some of the greatest art in the history of the world regarding all forms from paintings to theatrical subjects.

The military is mostly foots soldiers, paladins, fighters, barbarians, rangers, some rogues and clerics, mountless cavaliers.


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