Camapign World 1

Welcome to the world of (TBA)
It was pretty peaceful, until you showed up

Greetings and welcome to (TBA).

This world is kinda nice right? But now things will be going wrong, cause the adventurers showed up, and when that happens every little thing gets magnified to world changing proportions. If you could, when we play in this setting lets keep things serious, jokes here and there and a light mood are ok, but don’t ruin it with stuff that is deliberately disruptive. I’d also appreciate if the first party wasn’t planning on destroying the setting, because a setting influenced by your past endeavors would be pretty cool.

Some ground rules for campaigns here and these stand unless a campaign explicitly says otherwise.

Events that happen in a campaign become cannon in this setting. Unless its a total world ending issue or something that just ruins it at the core. In the case of you conquering everything or someone else being allowed to do so you will have a choice to either play in a ret-conned, unconquered world or in the new one, but the chosen one becomes set.

Your characters are special, there are other special people, other groups of adventurers, they may pop up from time to time, beating you to the ruins, stirring up trouble, fixing a mess you made, being evil murder hobos, other things.

I sat down and made the major cities, capitals are typically of the metropolis size, so this world has a lot of people. To get an idea of a standard capital’s size think of .. i don’t know but they are big and impressive with upwards 30,000 citizens and a lot of goods and services at your disposal.


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